1394826129_gnome-mime-application-pdfNEWS-BULLETIN 2011

In 2011 the Business Advisory Board on Disability (BABD) achieved significant results. First of all, after three years of successful BABD activity it decided to draw the public attention to the issues of employment of people with reduced capabilities. The business Forum “Business for Equal Opportunities” was well regarded. A booklet, a film and public service videos were released; numerous articles were published in media. As a result of this activity new companies (employers) joined the Board.


1394826129_gnome-mime-application-pdfNEWS-BULLETIN 2012

The final of the “The Way to a Career” competition was a successful event. It included a panel discussion in the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation, an international seminar with our guests from USBLN, a career fair for the graduates and many other things. We also want to emphasize a new program by HeadHunter which will allow all employers who are interested in to find employees among people with reduced capabilities (for more information about this program see the issue about BABD activities for the second half of 2012).


1394826129_gnome-mime-application-pdfNEWS-BULLETIN 2013

We are pleased to present a new bulletin about BABD activity for the second half of 2012. A lot of events, facilitating employment of people with reduced capabilities, were held; new companies joined the Board. In the present bulletin we describe the tours for youth with reduced capabilities to different companies; a wide range of internships; a “Living life to the full” exhibition; BABD participation in a telethon dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; a new HeadHunter program on vacancy marking and many other things. We are grateful for your attention to the activity of the Business Advisory Board on Disability. We hope you will join our mission to promote inclusive employment for people with reduced capabilities.


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